Our product 

  • Sustainable fish boxes with fresh, local and seasonal fish
  • Fresh fish at affordable prices and lesser known species ("Recovered Fish")
  • Fish stored with ice in waterproof cardboard boxes with low environmental impact

Our fish boxes are carried from the Catalan fishing ports directly to the consumer within 12 hours of their arrival in port. The fresh fish is transported and delivered to customers as it came out of the sea, not drawn or threaded, with unbroken cold chain. We developed a waterproof cardboard box specifically designed for this use, in order to significantly reduce the carbon footprint generated by the use of conventional porex (expanded polystyrene - EPS).

Furthermore, El Peix al Plat offers easy-to-cook recipes for the species in its catalog, so that the consumption of this seafood could help us to recover and preserve our traditional culinary culture.


Outreach service

El Peix al Plat provides an outreach service on issues related to the sea through activities such as lectures, responsible fish tastings, cooking classes, guided tours to local markets and traditional fishing ports, children's workshops, participation in events and collaborations in national and international research projects. Topics such as fisheries, aquaculture, product labeling and consumer rights are addressed. Furthermore, we promote lesser known fish species to the consumer in order to encourage consumption of a healthy and sustainable product.